Summer Has Come

February 21, 2009

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Summer has come to Owl Moon Farm. The trout are running in the brook and the dusky blue fishing birds, the kingfishers, patrol the length of the stream. For as many summers as we can remember, the chickadee family has returned to their little bird house next to the front porch and the phoebe nests in the pavilion by the barn are filled with baby birds. Lupines are blooming by the edge of the vegetable garden. The purple clover and deep purple thyme cover the ground with a lavender mist and the orange and yellow indian paintbrush fill the big field across the brook with their wild color. After a spring of heavy rain and a winter of deep snow, the brooks are full and the sound of tumbling water fills the air. The farm has come alive and is its full summertime glory. Sit on the back porch above the stream, wade in the brook, hike the trails on the 70 acres of hillside, brookside and field. The days are brilliant with mountain sunshine. In the late afternoons, thunderstorms roll through the valley, leaving behind the fragrance of wild rose and blooming raspberry. Come to the Berkshires this summer and enjoy the unique peace of Owl Moon Farm.