Useful Information


Useful Information regarding the farm

On top of the cabinet leading upstairs there is a looseleaf binder with more detailed information. Also, in the same place is a hiking book with some wonderful hikes, and a hand written description of amazing places to swim and explore in the immediate vicinity of the house.
Compost, Recycling and Garbage:
We encourage everyone to help us recycle. All of our vegetable and gardens are organic and we use the kitchen compost to help us in this.
the compost pile is located at the far end of the vegetable garden in the first field across the bridge.. it is surrounded by wood pallets (follow the mowed path and the sign). you can throw all non meat organic kitchen garbage there, on the pile marked with an arrow. if possible, cover it with leaves from the adjacent pile (otherwise the critters will eat it)
for compost, we use the brown enamelware bowl that is left out next to the sink.
the recycling container is in the hall closet. the recycled objects do not need to be separated. you can recycle
1. all paper (including writing paper, newspapers, magazines, cardboard and paper containers)
2. all plastic, including plastic bottles, take out containers, etc.
3. all returnable bottles and cans
4. all cans
5. all glass
any other garbage would include meat left overs, plastic wraps, disposable diapers etc. Please place in a plastic bag (there are Cheshire bags in the hall closet) and place this bag in the garbage can with the bungi cord attached that is under the pavillion
There are extra (recycled) plastic bags for double wrapping garbage in the container on the door to the cellar.
Washer and Dryer in the cellar
Flashflight attached to recharger above stairs leading to cellar
Key under rock on stairs on porch (2 keys. one unlocks inner door which is never locked and does not need to be locked when you leave)
extra blankets in closets of each bedroom or blanket chests.
clean linens on beds, extras in bureaus in bedrooms.
clean towels in downstairs hall closet
extra TP and paper towels, cleaning supplies and dish detergent in stairway leading to cellar
help yourself to any staples, canned food etc. including wine, alcohol in kitchen cupboard (we supply staples and wine as a courtesy to our guests)
please enjoy the library. These are books that we have collected and organized over time so we would appreciate they be treated with care and kept in their original places. (don’t worry about exact order, and kids books can end up on any shelf as long as they are together.)
heat: in the summer, the thermostats are turned all the way down. in the colder months, there are thermostats located in livingroom and upstairs master bedroom. please make sure they are turned down to 50 when you depart.
you may need to pace yourselves regarding baths, showers if there is a full house, in order to make sure that the water heater keeps up with your use.
please keep all of your perishables and open food in the refrigerator. open foodstuffs may attract mice.
to get online:
login address:  669 sandmill road
password: sunguroff
cable TV: There’s a controller and an instruction booklet in a drawer in the cabinet under the TV. In order to use the DVD player you need to switch the cables connecting the boxes to the TV itself.


Some of our personal recommendations for the area: 


  • There are a lot of nice restaurants in the area. Williamstown has especially nice ones. There is a delicious Indian restaurant called Spice Root (413-458-5200.) There is also a Mexican restaurant, Coyote Flaco (413-458-4240). A few other are The Water Street Grill (413-458-4240) and good pizza at Hot Tomatoes Neapolitan Pizza (413-458-2722).
    Pittsfield has some good places too. There are also a few coffee shops in the area if you are interested that offer breakfast and lunch, Dottie’s on North Street in Pittsfield and Cup & Saucer on Main Street in North Adams.

Farmer’s Markets

  • Williamstown Farmers’ Market
    Saturdays 8-12, May 23-October
    Spring St.
  • Pittsfield Farmers’ Market
    Thursdays 4-7, May to October
    333 North St.
  • North Adams Farmers’ Market
    Saturdays 8-12, July 12-October 25
    77 Holden St.
  • Adams Farmers’ Market
    Fridays 12-6, May 29-October 23
    60 Columbia St.
  • Lanesboro Farmer’s Market                                                                          
    Wednesdays & Saturdays 8-2, May 2-November 21
    Berkshire Mall Parking Lot near Sears, Route 8


  • If you take a right out of the driveway and drive up Sandmill Road, follow the paved road as it turns right, then head straight, still on paved road (that will be Windsor Road). You’ll pass some nice old working farms, sometimes see the border collies herding sheep, then, as the road heads downhill, you’ll take a hairpin left onto a dead end road. A parking lot (dirt) on the right before you reach a little pond. This is the trail head to the Cobble. Follow it up and up, beautiful rock outcroppings, and a view of Cheshire and its long lake. This trail ties to the Appalacian Trail, so you can, if you want, walk forever!


  • A few swimming places nearby are Winsor Pond (more secluded) and the Cheshire Reservoir (Hoosac Lake). There are many other places as well; Onota Lake and Silver Lake (Pittsfield), Pontoosuc Lake (Lanesboro).

  • There is a nearby bike trail, Ashuwillticook Rail Trail, that goes through Cheshire and Adams. This same trail goes by Cheshire Lake.

Water rafting/ canoeing/ kayaking

  • Kayaking on Windsor Pond is beautiful. If you are looking for kayak rental, there is Zoar Outdoor in Charlemont. 413-339-4010

Orchards/ farms

  • Lakeview Orchards, (413) 448-6009 in Lanesboro
  • Green River Farms, (413) 458-2470 in Williamstown
  • Cricket Creek Farm, (413) 458-5888 in Williamstown
  • Holiday Farm, (413) 684-2470 in Dalton


  • Downhill skiing: 20 miles to Jiminy Peak, 35 miles to Mt Snow, 48 miles to Stratton. Cross country skiing: 9 miles to Prospect Mountain, 12 miles to Taconic Trail, 21 miles to Mt Greylock, 32 miles to Pineridge, and 37 miles to Notchview. Tubing: 20 miles to Snowy Owl. Snowmobile tours: 17 miles to Twin Brooks.


  • Mass MOCA, Berkshire Museum, Clark Art Institute, Norman Rockwell Museum, Crane Museum, Williams College Museum,

Local Venues

  • Hancock Shaker Village: 32 miles, Tnaglewood Music Center: 35 miles, Norman Rockwell Museum: 43 miles, Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival: 47 miles

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