Feel free to read about other’s experiences at the farm, or post your own!


4 Responses to Reviews

  1. Kerri Macdonald says:

    What an incredible place Owl Moon Farm is! It was the perfect spot for a group of friends to get together for the weekend — exploring the stream out back, roaming the fields, hiking to the top of the hill for a great view of Mt. Greylock…

    The kids played baseball and took turns on the wooden swings. And everyone enjoyed just hanging out and relaxing in the gardens in the front yard.

    The house is well-equipped for guests (including kids, with the spaciuos playroom) and beautifully decorated.

    At night, we had a campfire and then fell asleep listening to the soothing sound of the stream. We’ll definitely be back!

  2. Rachel Jackson says:

    My husband and I and our almost 3-year old twins had such a great time at Owl Moon Farm. In four days, we only left the house twice — to buy groceries & supplies! There was so much for the kids to explore – everything from the multitude of toys in the play room to the grass maze, throwing rocks in the streams and wandering in the meadows. We hosted a family party one day and it was a great location for this as well. We would definitely recommend a stay at Owl Moon Farm!

  3. Kelly Whitman says:

    We had a wonderful ladies spa weekend at Owl Moon Farm this summer – loved sunning ourselves on the back deck with the cool spray from the rushing river, walking around exploring the extensive grounds, and cooking cooking cooking such wonderful tasty meals in the well-equipped kitchen! A very cozy and inviting place – wish I could have stayed and relaxed much longer!

  4. Sue Quigley says:

    Owl Moon Farm is the Berkshires’ best kept secret! Our stay there was the perfect escape from our busy lives. Bordered by babbling brooks and an untouched mountain of forest we felt deliciously pampered by nature. We took many long walks, explored the charming nearby towns, cooked, and read. It was our perfect vacation. The farmhouse is so beautifully decorated and comfortable. Thank you for a wonderful experience – we hope to return soon!

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